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8 Fun Free Crafty Ideas for Kids when on a Budget

Do you have crafty kids, and are you worried about how you'll afford all of the summer activities your family wants to do? Don't be! There are lots of fun and affordable things to do this summer. This list will help you keep that creative flair glowing all summer long.

Make a kaleidoscope.

A kaleidoscope is a fun and easy project you can make with things around the house. All you need is a toilet paper roll, some clear tape, scissors, glitter, and beads. Just cut a piece of tape and attach it to one end of the toilet paper roll. Then, add glitter, beads, and anything else you want to put inside. Once finished, cut another piece of tape and attach it to the other end of the toilet paper roll. That's it! Your kaleidoscope is now ready to use. Hold it up to the light and look through the opening at the top. You'll see a beautiful display of colours and patterns. Have fun!

Make your own Bird Feeder.

Making your bird feeder is a fun and easy project that the whole family can enjoy. All you need are some toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and bird seed. Spread peanut butter on the toilet paper rolls, then roll them in bird seed. Once fully coated, hang them from a tree branch using string or yarn. The birds will love it, and your kids will enjoy watching them come and go. Plus, you'll be satisfied knowing that you made something yourself!

Milk Carton Boat Racing

Most of us have probably made a paper boat at some point. They're simple to make and require only a few materials - a sheet of paper and some tape. But did you know that you can make boats out of milk cartons? It's true! And not only are they just as easy to make, but they're also great for learning about buoyancy and the principles of boat design.

How to Make a Milk Carton Boat - It's easy to make a boat out of a milk carton! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Cut the top off the milk carton, about 2 inches ( 5cms) from the top.

2. Fold down the sides of the milk carton to create a boat shape.

3. Tape or glue the sides in place.

4. Decorate your boat as desired. You can paint it, add a flag, or anything else you can think of!

5. Test your boat in the water to see if it floats.

Now you're ready to sail on your milk carton boat!

Scratch that science itch

Baking soda and vinegar volcanoes are always a hit with kids. They love the bubbling and foaming and always seem amazed by the chemistry at work. If you've never made one yourself, it's pretty simple. Put some baking soda in the bottom of a plastic cup, add a little vinegar, and watch the eruption begin.

For an extra touch of realism, you can even add a drop or two of red food colouring to your vinegar. Just be sure to keep an eye on your volcano, as too much baking soda can result in a very forceful eruption. If your kids want a more hands-on experiment, they can try growing their crystals. All you need is a jar, some string, and a few tablespoons of salt. Start by dissolving the salt in boiling water and pouring the solution into the jar. Next, tie one end of the string around a pencil and lower it into the jar, so the string hangs down into the solution.

Finally, set the jar aside in a cool place and wait for the crystals to form. Depending on how long you wait, you may end up with large or tiny salt crystals. Either way, your kids will be fascinated by

Rock Painting

Rocks are everywhere - in our yards, the garden, and the park. And while they may not be the most exciting things in the world, rocks can be fun to paint. Just grab some paints and brushes, and let your creativity run wild. You can paint faces, designs, or whatever you like. Once you're done, you can use your rocks as door stoppers or paperweights. Or you can keep them as decorations. Whatever you do with them, painting rocks is a fun way to pass the time. So next time you see a rock, don't just step over it. Instead, please pick it up and give it a new lease on life with a bit of paint.

Magical Flowers

Have you ever wanted to see a flower change colour right before your eyes? Well, now you can! All you need are some glasses and some flowers, and you'll be able to create your own colour-changing bouquet. Simply fill each glass with water and add a few drops of different dye colours. Then, add a white flower to each glass. Within minutes, the petals start to change colour as they absorb the dye. This simple experiment is a great way to teach kids about the science of colour absorption. And who knows? You might find yourself addicted to making these colourful blooms.

Make Home Movies

Taking a video is a great way to document your summer memories. You can have your kid's video record the summer-y nature outside with commentary, conduct talk shows outside, or be actors and actresses. It can be an amusing memory to look back on one day. You can also edit the video to include music or sound effects. If you're feeling creative, you can even add special effects. Just make sure to have fun and enjoy the process. After all, that's what summer is all about.

Pathway Chalk Murals

If you're looking for a fun and creative activity with your kids, sidewalk chalk is a great option. With just a few sticks of chalk, you can transform your driveway or path into a work of art. And the best part is that it's temporary, so you can redo your design as often as you like. There are endless possibilities when it comes to chalk murals. You can go for something simple, like a rainbow or a sun, or get more creative with geometric patterns or scenes from nature. Whatever you choose, your kids are sure to have a blast creating their piece of outdoor artwork. So grab some chalk and let your creativity run wild!

So, don't let the cost of summer fun keep you from enjoying all this creative season offers. There are plenty of affordable things to do to keep these minds inspired. We hope our tips have given you some ideas for how to enjoy your time without breaking the bank.


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