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Financial Wellbeing Webinars & Workshops

I provide webinars, onsite talks and workshops on financial well-being for your business and your people. 

During these training sessions, I empower listeners to:


  • Step up and take control of their financial future 

  • Feel more in control of their finances

  • Create a strong money mindset

  • Develop healthy money habits

  • Understand the power and confidence that comes with good money management. 


Plus I share tips on how to get the most from their income while still living life to the full!

This is just a small taste of what we cover, reach out to find out how we can level up your financial health. 

Wellness at work has never been more important. 
Financial Wellbeing even more so. 

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Get in Touch /  Tel. 087-1260123

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Why me?

I’m a Money Mindset Mentor, and I educate on the subjects of financial wellness and financial resilience. 


Money is a skill like any other. Having that skill allows each individual to get the most of their income. Wielding money with confidence creates a deep sense of control and empowerment. This flows out across all aspects of life and work, creating a happier, healthier work environment. 

My credentials 

  • I am a qualified financial advisor (QFA)

  • Author of the sellout book, Mindful Money, more money more freedom more happiness

  • I brought our family from 6 figures of crushing debt to financial security, and we are now rocketing to financial freedom. 

  • Written and spoken extensively on this topic in the media. 

  • I harness my MSc in science to distil out the critical areas from the noise and present them in an easily digestible way. 

But what counts the most is that I'm financially secure and on a path to financial independence, and I want the same for you and your team.  

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