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Kel, otherwise known as Mrs Smart Money, is a money coach, author and speaker. She helps intelligent, hard-working people who are fed up being on the back foot with money and life. She has harnessed her experience, science and financial background to develop a formula to get your income working for you to take the stress out of money and buy back your freedom and choice, one slice at a time.

In 2018, she walked away from her 16-year career as she felt that her children’s childhood was passing her by, and she wasn’t around to see it. She knew there had to be a better way to build a life; where she could balance work, money and family. 

With the household income cut in half. Kel embarked on a mission to make the remaining income work as hard as possible. This challenge resulted in the No Spend Year™ in 2019, where she reduced her family’s outgoings by over €27,000 and had the best year of their lives. She subsequently penned the sell-out book, Mindful Money

She channelled everything she’s learned, through her writing, experience and QFA qualification into a powerful coaching formula to help others build the life they deserve by applying the power of mindset, systems and healthy money habits. 

Money is a skill, and if appropriately taught with a formula and systems that work, anyone can win the game of money and life. 


My Mission

'I am on a mission to take the stress out of money, build confidence and networth so that you can create the life that you deserve and finally get ahead'

How I do this...

I do this by transforming how you look act, think about, and handle your money. I offer a money-building approach from the inside out, rather than outside in.

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