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What Is A No-Spend Day?


A No-Spend Day is any day where no money is spent other than on essential bills and groceries. We all need to eat and keep a roof over our heads. In addition, we need electricity, a warm home, and a full belly. For this reason, essential bills like accommodation, electricity, broadband, and groceries are not considered when it comes to calculating a No-Spend Day.


No Spend Days are about abundance.


Cutting back excessively on essential items leads to deprivation and a loss of quality of life. That is against the nature of mindful spending and is unsustainable. Mindful spending is about abundance and the creation of happiness in life. Therefore, you should take care to avoid cutting essential spending back so far that these impact your quality of life. No-Spend Days are not designed to penalise or cause deprivation. Instead, they are intended to curb wasteful spending so that you have the money to live the life you deserve.

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