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Some pets just aren’t worth keeping and some are essential to adopt.

Make peace with your peeves, and embrace the power of quirks.

A cat's tail peeking out of a hole in a wall
Photo by Vera Jetana on Unsplash

We all have pet peeves.

You may not have a pet - a dog, cat, or goldfish - but I would bet my bottom euro that you have at least one solid under-your-skin pet peeve.

By their nature, peeves do not make good pets.

A pet peeve I've had for the longest time was the constant buzz around productivity tools and apps. They are peddled to make us more productive, masters at managing our time, and sorcerers of mass creation.

Some do work, don't get me wrong, but most do little more than give us another time-consuming, complex system to monitor, fill out, and update. They promise to make life easier but often just clutter our already busy schedules. The last thing most of us need is another responsibility to take over our bandwidth.

It's not good for our wallets, and it's even worse when we realise we've wasted time and money on something we didn't need.

Pet quirks is where it's at.

Now, quirks, on the other hand, are entirely different breeds of pets.

They make the best company, are easy to care for, nurture and give back infinitely more than they take.

A quirk is a habit that always makes us a little lighter on our feet. They're easy to find, not hard to adopt, and don't require much maintenance.

The best pet ever.

My favourite pet quirk is Kaizen's free-of-charge, low-maintenance, easy-to-use everyday discipline.

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. It emphasises small, ongoing changes to enhance efficiency and quality over time. You may already know it in its more modern and ubiquitous form the 1% rule.

I didn't believe it for the longest time, but that 1% applied with a dollop of consistency can make a world of difference.

Not a fan from the start.

At first, I was sceptical. What difference could such a small change really make?

But I decided to try it on my money, and the results blew me away.

That extra 1%? It adds up fast. Suddenly, I had a safety net for those unexpected expenses, and who doesn't want stress-free finances?

But here's the fun part - like the good scientist I am, it didn't stop there. That tiny 1% opened up doors for investing and planning for the future. It's like building wealth on autopilot.

And the best part?

It changed how I saw the world. Suddenly, opportunities were everywhere, and life felt like a game I was winning.

So, don't underestimate the power of 1%. It might seem small, but it has the potential to transform your financial future in ways you never imagined.

Final thoughts

Figure out your peeves from your quirks. Embrace the quirks, and set the peeves free. Shower your quirks with love and attention. Let those quirks thrive, and your money will be the better for it.

Thank you Seth Godin for your inspiration on this.


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