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Top 5 Money Mindsets: Which One Are You?

Learn how to spot your money mindset and change your life for the better.

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Exceed or Maintain: Which Group Do You Belong To?

In every group, people decide ahead of time how they’ll approach learning, winning, and grabbing opportunities. Most of the time we don’t even realise we’re doing it.

They wear a figurative hat with a label, and over time, it’s easy to see who’s who. You know quickly who will jump right in, who will find the problems and who will sit back and wait.

This mindset can change based on knowhow, environment, and even status, but it’s pretty consistent.

Here’s what it usually breaks down to:

The Self-Motivated Savers: These people aren’t just self-taught; they’re driven by the process itself. They show up early, do their financial homework, and stick to their goals because they enjoy it. They build an emergency fund and keep saving and investing, not waiting for a financial crisis to push them into action.

The Competitive Investors: This group stands out. They’re fierce competitors—not only against their personal best but also against others. If colleagues invest €500 a month, they’ll invest €600. They always aim to outperform their peers.

The Almost-There Investors: These people are like the competitive group, but they often fall short. Resistance is real, and while competition motivates them, fear or other internal limits hold them back. They might blame the market or self-sabotage, but their results are consistent.

The Followers: This group doesn’t want to be left behind. They’re willing to put in effort, but not too much. If they’re in a financially savvy group, they’ll try to keep up, but they never see themselves as leaders.

The Minimalists: This group is content with doing the least. They’re satisfied with minimal effort and just getting by financially.

These hats aren’t permanent, and people wear them in different settings. We may have been given a hat from an early age, but ultimately, it’s a choice.

The Resilient Financial Choice

The only resilient choice, the one that leads to financial freedom, contribution, and a cycle of improvement, is to be a Self-Motivated Saver. You either push yourself or wait for others to push you.

So, what’s your money mindset hat? Are you going to take control of your financial journey or wait for circumstances to dictate your path?

Kel ‘don’t wait to be pushed’ Galavan

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