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A Little Known Secret to Getting Rich

I'll dispense with the intrigue early.

One of the biggest secrets to building wealth and creating the security we crave is embracing Stoicism. It is an almost foolproof way to go.

If you're unsure what Stoicism is or how to be a Stoic. Let me break it down for you. Stoic refers to philosophy from way back in ancient Greece and Rome. Those Stoics were all about being tough cookies and being practical in the face of adversity. They believed in being strong, virtuous, and totally in control of themselves.

Stoicism is the key to becoming rich
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Stoicism meant they kept calm and didn't let life's curveballs throw them off balance, no matter how many were thrown their way. It was all about having an unshakable inner strength. Never whining or losing their marbles when things got tough.

Instead, they just accepted what they couldn't change and focused on what they could control. It's like being the Zen master of their own life.

Stoicism wasn't just some random fluke of nature. It was purposefully designed to help anyone live "The Good Life". It was designed to give them and others the tools and tricks needed to thrive, succeed, and live it up. I suppose a modern version of this would be to live your best life.

The Original Stoics

Zeno, the founder of Stoicism, was a wealthy merchant from a long line of wealthy merchants. He wasn't just normal-level wealthy. He was part of the ancient 1% club. He was so rich that when he called on some loans from the Roman colony in Britain, he crashed their whole economy, which sparked a rebellion. So not your average businessman. This guy had clout.

Then there's Marcus Aurelius, who might not have been born into royalty, but thanks partly to his serious interest in this philosophy, he ruled the entire Roman Empire. Let's not forget Cicero, a self-made man who climbed the legal ladder like a boss and wore the title of Consul of the Roman Republic.

How Stoics Got Rich

These Stoics knew how to dust off fails, recover quickly and keep going. Setbacks didn't phase them. Instead, they leaned in and harnessed mistakes, surprises and left-field disasters as life lessons to be learned from.

Instead of falling down and staying down when their worlds fell apart, these guys saw life's speed bumps as just that. They learned to slow down, navigate them and continue on their merry way. Always moving forward and always learning from the past.

Doing this allowed them to build wealth, climb the social ladder, and conquer their corner of the world. They were all about combining their wealth and success with deep philosophical study. They had the ultimate cheat codes to live large and in charge.

Stoicism Today

Stoicism is still alive and well today. It has not faded away into the annals of history. On the contrary, stoicism has spread deep roots and thrives in our modern world.

Stoicism is the backbone of many of the greats of today.

Ryan Holiday is one example. In an interview with The Observer, Holiday openly spoke about Stoicism and how it has helped him in his life: "I think the main thing I take from Stoicism is the ability to control my emotions and not be reactive… I can't control what happens to me, but I can control how I react.

Entrepreneur and investor Tim Ferriss, media titan Arianna Huffington, the founder and CEO of Shopify Tobi Lutke, and global pop star Camila Cabello are all well-known stoics. British actor Tom Hiddleston is best known for his role as Loki in The Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok. In an interview with The Times, he spoke about how he uses Stoicism to deal with the fame and attention that come with being a Hollywood actor.

These are just a few.

There are many more out there, quietly and diligently focused on what means most to them in this world and building something worthwhile.

From ancient Stoics to modern changemakers, the mindset based deeply on Stoicism is the common thread.

By embracing this way of thinking, you set yourself firmly on the path to freedom. You do not allow yourself to be owned by your possessions; you understand when you've had enough.

Knowing what is enough for you in your life and being satisfied when you reach it is the very essence of Stoicism and the key to happiness.

Are you ready to take up the stoicism challenge?


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