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Everyday Millionaires, From Scraps to Success

Have you ever visualised yourself as a millionaire? Is reaching the €1 million milestone a cherished goal or a distant dream? 

For many of us, including those who follow my journey or have read my book, becoming a millionaire, at least, starts with modest means and a wish to be more than the receiver of the scraps from life's table. 

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The decision to own your future in the form of financial freedom represents a bold, audacious aspiration. It's about more than money itself, which would be boring, but also about lifestyle, opportunities, and the ability to make a meaningful impact that we can only dream about right now. 

The number changes as you do

A tangible number or milestone to strive for can provide much-needed clarity and motivation on our financial journey. Before we go any further, that number to strive for does not have to start with €1,000,000. It can start with something much smaller. My journey began with getting out of 6 figures of debt. My first lofty number was zero. My hope was not to have the millstone of debt around my neck; it was simply to have breathing space. 

At that stage in my life, the thought of having a million networth was such an alien concept to me it may as well have been on another planet. Now I'm there, I don't feel any different. I am still me, just further along the path. 

Millionaires in real life. 

While we can count a few millionaires in the business and celebrity world, they seem so far outside our reality that it can be hard to relate. But I can promise you, I have witnessed many success stories while coaching and lived my journey from 6 figures of debt to financial security in the form of a 7 figure net worth. 

But the truth is, most of us are still in pursuit of our first million. Whether this milestone is on the horizon or remains a distant goal for the future, it's important to dive deep into the healthy side of the money mindset of a millionaire. It's about making it feel attainable, relatable, honest, doable and stepwise is essential.

"Money doesn't change anyone, it reveals them" Johnny Depp

Dismantle the millionaire pedestal. 

Reflecting on my path, one of the most profound lessons I learned was dismantling the pedestal I had placed millionaires upon. Initially, I believed they must possess some inherent quality or advantage that set them apart from ordinary people like you and me. However, I soon realised that every millionaire is a human being, complete with strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and fears.

The reassuring part of this was that I am a human full to the brim with strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and fears. The millionaire version of you will still be you – with all your quirks, flaws, and dreams – just with a bit more financial abundance. 

There isn't a one-size-fits-all formula for becoming a millionaire

There are countless paths to success, each uniquely tailored to our strengths and aspirations.

There are many ways to be a millionaire, and you can find the right one. However, to truly set yourself on the path to millionaire-dom, here are a few money blocks to take in hand:

  1. Demystify the notion that millionaires are different from you and me. 

A millionaire can look like anyone. It's the mindset and systems under the bonnet that count. Becoming a millionaire isn't about being born into wealth or possessing unique talents. It's about mindset, systems, persistence, adaptability, seizing opportunities, and continuous learning. 

Millionaires come from all walks of life, but they share a common belief in their ability to create wealth and a commitment to proven strategies for financial success. With dedication and the right mindset, achieving millionaire status and living a life of abundance and prosperity becomes possible.

  1. Let go of harmful judgments and limiting beliefs that block your path. 

Addressing limiting beliefs and money blocks is essential for millionaires, as these negative thought patterns can hinder their ability to take risks, make strategic decisions, and seize opportunities for wealth creation. 

Even amidst financial success, self-sabotage caused by subconscious beliefs about money and success can undermine efforts and impact overall well-being. True wealth encompasses financial abundance and emotional, mental, and spiritual fulfilment. Spend time developing a clear vision of beliefs, values, and goals. To become millionaires, we must begin confronting and overcoming these internal barriers and nurturing growth, innovation, and impact.

  1. Celebrate your progress and milestones; every win counts.

Celebrating progress and milestones is crucial for millionaires as it maintains motivation and momentum, acknowledges their effort and dedication, fosters a positive mindset, strengthens their self-image and identity, and promotes gratitude and overall well-being. 

By recognising and honouring their achievements along the journey to success, millionaires reaffirm their commitment, boost confidence, and cultivate a sense of accomplishment, gratitude, and empowerment in pursuing financial and personal goals.

Final thoughts

Remember, as you go about your week, no special genetics, IQ levels, or magic wands can turn a regular person into a millionaire. You can still be the flawed, much-loved version of yourself, regardless of your bank balance. 

Hold tight to the realisation that with time, mindset, and the right systems, you can be one, too. Develop that healthy relationship with money, apply the system, and repeat—again and again.

When you’re ready to get to work on your mindset and step into the millionaire version of you, why don’t you grab a copy of my book, "Mindful Money" for my best money mindset tips - Click Here


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