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Taking risks is better than living with regrets.

Taking risks and putting yourself out there can be daunting. However, the risk is often worth it. Traditional risks include starting a business, making changes in your life or challenging yourself with a new skill. While these are all important, real risk-taking involves:

  • Giving yourself permission to take risks—social risk-taking such as speaking publicly.

  • Asking for help from colleagues when needed.

  • Taking steps towards improving personal well-being.

Taking these types of risks does not always guarantee success, but it grants growth and change opportunities. In addition, there is an undeniable satisfaction that comes from taking control of your narrative and allowing yourself the freedom to try something new or challenge beliefs you may have held for long periods. Ultimately it's about recognizing that risk-taking helps us become better versions of ourselves and opening up a world you never knew existed.

Traditional Risks, what are they?

When we think of taking risks, we often think of extreme snowboarding, driving with our eyes closed or gambling the last €50 on the next race.

We create elaborate daydreams in our mind's eye of what could be.

We toy with being 'that cool', striking a match, dramatically throwing it over our shoulder, burning everything to the ground, and never looking back.

It's the stuff of legends.

We dream, we fantasize how amazing that would feel!

Well, if I'm honest, I did do that a few years ago, and it felt amazing and nerve-racking and terrifying all at the same time.

I walked away from a 16-year career into the great Nothingness. I had no idea or plan or what would happen with my life - but deep down, I knew it was the right step. A step that I had no choice but to take the drive was just too deep to ignore.

Although I do not doubt that there are a few brave souls out there that have done one (or maybe all) of the aforementioned risky antics, if you are one of those mavericks, I can assure you, you are a rare breed.

Real Risks and why they are game changers.

What we don't often think about when it comes to taking risks are the ones we avoid daily. The ones we don't consider as risks scare us so profoundly that we dare not entertain them.

Do you know the ones I'm talking about?

I'm talking about saying no to a demanding friend for that weekend away you know you can't afford,

Embracing your wardrobe with renewed purpose instead of running in to get the season's latest offering.

Let's push out the boat on taking the mother of all risks and telling that co-worker what you think of them.

You know, daily, weekly things that cause so much angst and worry. They are the high risks we stress over and end up tossing and turning in in the early morning hours.

These are the risks that mean something to us. These are the risks that matter.

Because these risks are real.

These are the risks that might change our lives for the better, and that IS scary.

One of the biggest fears I've seen while coaching is the fear of success.

Yes! It's not fear of failure, not the one we hear about most. But its counterpart, the fear that we might succeed!

It sounds crazy, but it is true.

But the reality is that we never take action. We never actually take that risk. So life will go on as it is, and that is a safe, comfy place to stay with our grumbles and 'put up' with that chronic unease.

Nice and safe in with the crowd. Safety in numbers, as they say.

Acting on that fantasy sends shivers down our spines, sending the best of us cowering under our desks, waiting for the crazy moment to pass.

We, mere mortals, lived with our heads firmly planted in our deep-seated fears and scared senseless of the unknown. Because it's safe there and safe works. We know safe.

How about this as a notion….

How about playing with the idea of breaking from the norm and putting yourself in the center of your life?

Stop playing it safe, rejecting the notion that this is your lot and nothing more.

I am going to give you a gift.

I am going to give you the gift of permission.

Permission to take risks.

You were meant for more than what was handed to you - and here is your license to live.

Here is your permit with the inside track.

What if our fear of taking risks had leveled up and never sent us the memo?

What if our fear of stepping outside our comfort zone was so powerful that it stopped us from trusting ourselves?

What if we hit a point where we doubted every single capability we ever had?

Your inside track

Losing our ability to trust ourselves can happen for so many reasons. We learn over time to stop believing in ourselves and, as a result, stop taking risks. Seeing them as the playground of others and never you.

Not trusting ourselves is a tough place to be.

It manifests in a million different ways.

Especially when it comes to money.

We make budgets knowing that they will be blown up in a week.

So we learn not to even try. We know that life will happen, and we dip in before the end of the month.

We only make a part payment on a credit card because why bother clearing it? If you pay it off, it will only build back up again. That's just your luck.

What if…..

We permitted ourselves to take risks.

Risks that have a guaranteed payoff?

What is that risk? I hear you say….

What if we risked trusting ourselves?

What if we trusted ourselves to save money each pay period, even just a tiny amount?

What if we took the risk and cleared that credit card, and you succeeded in keeping that zero balance?

Give yourself permission to risk saying no to a friend ( they will still be your friend). ⁠

Give yourself permission to feel good in your clothes without breaking the bank. ⁠

Give yourself permission to trust that you can save money and build those sinking funds to future-proof your life.

Or risk trusting yourself that if you put money into savings, you will leave it there.⁠

You might not think of these as risks. But they are. ⁠

These are the risks that might change our lives. ⁠

They are scary and threaten the precious status quo.

But here is your permission slip to help care for yourself....

What then?

Imagine how you would feel if you took the risk to trust yourself and actually succeeded!

Now that's a rush!

Imagine if you trusted yourself again and won again.

And again,

And again,

And again.

Wouldn't that be a risk worth taking?

This is what life is all about.

Taking a risk might not be what you think it is.

Taking a risk to trust yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do for yourself and your confidence.

Prove to yourself that you can trust yourself.

You can depend on yourself.

Trust that if you put money into your savings account that it will stay there.

Take the risk that if you go to the fridge, you can whip up something edible for dinner.

"Taking risks is better than living with regrets."

- Mackenzie Smith

These are risks that pay off handsomely, and guess this...⁠

You will feel so much better when you take risks that matter.

I'll be sharing more money-saving tips and money mindset tips with you soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, make sure you are subscribed to the Smart Money Times Newsletter and get your hands on my new ebook From Out of Control to Cruise Control, 20 Simple Things to Completely Transform Your Money Life here

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